1. Elementary data processing concerning the mandatory accounting records through the processing of the Journal and VAT Registers
  2. Complete platform for electronic invoicing and digital archiving
  3. Preparation and compilation of F24 bank proxies and automatic electronic debit (if authorized)
  4. Processing of data relating to the year-end settlement entries
  5. Elaboration, consultancy and assistance for the drafting of civil, EEC and annual budget documents with the support of the Administrative Office put at the Customer’s disposal
  6. Elaboration, consultancy and assistance for the preparation of financial statements such as Explanatory Notes, Management Report, Economic and Financial Statement …
  7. Balance sheet analysis and evaluation of the Resulting Indices
  8. Drafting and printing of the mandatory accounting books
  9. Ongoing consultancy, including through qualified collaborators, with the exclusion of particular issues that require specific consultancy (= extraordinary operations)
  10. Compilation of Register or Book required by law