1. Archiving services for paper documents, keeping of accounting records
  2. Translation services in English, French and Spanish
  3. Pay Roll Management (payroll and taxes: payroll report … INAIL assignments or obligations, relations with personnel)
  4. New obligations in accordance with amended legislation or jurisprudence
  5. Company registrations, changes and / or cancellations at the competent offices. For example, Revenue Agency, Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA), National Social Security Institute (INPS), National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (INAIL)
  6. Assistance in the management of administrative procedures
  7. . Access to Offices and / or third parties, Consultancy, assistance and representation in the field of tax litigation

    Domiciliation, collection and management of paper mail or of any other nature

  9. Management of notices of irregularities whether they are from the Revenue Agency, INPS or any other body